Become an RBMS Conference Sponsor

The Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (RBMS) of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) invites you to sponsor the 56th Annual RBMS conference. RBMS plays a leading role in local, national, and international special collections communities. As an RBMS sponsor, you will have a targeted reach, measurable returns, and access to our national network of rare books and manuscripts librarians. Strengthen your ties with special collections librarians and outshine your competition by becoming an RBMS Preconference Sponsor.

The RBMS Preconference offers many opportunities for high visibility at four different levels of tax-deductible giving. All sponsorship opportunities are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To confirm your sponsorship please complete the RBMS 2015 Remittance Form or contact Arvid Nelsen, Chair of RBMS, at arvid.rbms@gmail.com.

Please see the benefits for each category.  Apart from “general conference support,” all other sponsorship opportunities are available on a first-come, first-served basis:

Download the RBMS 2015 Sponsorship Prospectus (everything you need to know in one handy document).

Folio Circle ($3,000 or more)

Custom Exhibit – $5,000 (Claimed – MagicBox)
Oakland Museum Reception – $5,000 (Claimed – Hollinger Metal Edge & Preservation Technologies, L.P.)
Wireless Internet Access with Custom Splash Page – $5,000
New Members’ Mixer ($1,500) & Scholarship Breakfast ($2,000) – $3,500  (Claimed – Atlas Systems)
Wednesday Morning and Afternoon Coffee Breaks – $3,500 (Claimed – William Reese Company)
Conference Tote Bag – $3,000 (Claimed – The Brick Row Book Shop)
Transportation – $3,000
General Conference Support – $3,000 or more (Thanks to UC Berkley Library & Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America)

Quarto Circle ($1,500-$2,999)

Vade Mecum – $2,500  (Claimed – Philadelphia Rare Books & Manuscripts Company)
Friday Coffee Break – $1,750 (Claimed – University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Center)
Plenary Sessions (Please see conference homepage for descriptions of plenary sessions.)

  • Plenary 1: The Big Picture – $1,500 (Claimed – Bonhams)
  • Plenary 2: Special Collections Libraries as Liberal Arts Laboratories – $1,500 (Claimed – UC Berkeley Library)
  • Plenary 3: Building And Leveraging Collections to Support and Shape the Humanities – $1,500 (Claimed – Jarndyce Antiquarian Booksellers)

General Conference Support – $1,000-$2,999 (Thanks to The Bancroft Library)

Octavo Circle ($750-$1,499)

First-time Attendee Orientation – $1,000
Historic Richmond Tour – $750  (Claimed – Richmond Public Library Foundation)
Workshops – $750 each

  • A Multi-Faceted Exploration of Digital Exhibitions for Special Collections Libraries (Claimed – Juxta Editions)
  • Active Learning with Challenging Objects
  • Printing with Wood Type: Cabarets, Capitalism, & Snake Oil during the Industrial Revolution (Claimed – Maggs Bros Ltd.)
  • Vernacular Paleography Workshop

General Conference Support – $750-$1,499 (Thanks to Adam Matthew Digital)

Duodecimo Circle ($250 – $749)

Poster Sessions – $500 each
Seminars – $500 each

  • Seminar A: Fugitive Bits: Taking Born Digital Records From Up in the Cloud Down to Earth
    (Claimed – Charles Babbage Institute, University of Minnesota)
  • Seminar B: A Balancing Act: Collaborative Instruction in the 21st Century Special Collection
  • Seminar C: Ladies and Gentlemen, Put Your Hands Together: Successful Technical Services and Public Services Collaboration
  • Seminar D: Curating Relevance: Engaged Collection Development
    (Claimed – Simon Beattie, Ltd)
  • Seminar E: Endangered? Hold? Fold? SOLD!  Survival, Adoption, Sale, Mothballing, and Abandonment of Rare Collections and Unique Materials
    (Claimed – Archival Products)
  • Seminar F: Working with Publishers’ Archives from Acquisition to Access
    (Claimed – Arthur Fournier fine & rare)
  • Seminar G: Tips for Working with Elderly Donors
  • Seminar H: Meeting Researchers Where They Are: A User-Driven Manifesto
    (Claimed – The Bancroft Library)
  • Seminar I: Make it Work: Creative Solutions to Common Problems – A Pecha Kucha-Style Seminar
    (Claimed – The Bancroft Library)
  • Seminar J: Digital Humanities and Special Collections: New Tools, Challenges, and Opportunities
    (Claimed – The Bibliographical Society of America)
  • Seminar K: Mess Is Lore: Navigating the Unwieldy World of Social Media
    (Claimed – Lux Mentis, Booksellers)
  • Seminar L: Bridging Borders between Special Collections and Area Studies: Affinities, Collaborations and Integrations
  • Seminar M: Whose History Is It?  Community Archives and the Shaping of Memory
    (Claimed – Dawson’s Book Shop)

Participant-Driven Sessions – $250

  • Participant-Driven Session 1: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Rare Book Trade (But Were Afraid to Ask)
    (Claimed – Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America)
  • Participant-Driven Session 2: Reading Group: The One with the Homework
  • Participant-Driven Session 3: In Depth at the Bancroft: The Lifecycle of Objects
    (Claimed – Arthur Fournier fine & rare)
  • Participant-Driven Session 4: Take Me to Your Leaders! A Conversation with RBMS Leadership on the Nature of Our Changing Work
    (Claimed – California Rare Book School)
  • Participant-Driven Session 5: Service Project with the Friends of Sausal Creek
    (Claimed – Anonymous)

General Conference Support – $250-$749 (Thanks to Liber Antiquus, Early Printed Books & Manuscripts, Moe’s Books, and Nudelman Rare Books)